There are many types of baggage scanner products in the market. Baggage x ray scanner is one type of these scanners. If you want to know more about baggage x ray scanner, just follow my step and read the following information.  

X-Ray baggage scanner for Airport and Subway Station is a kind of baggage scanner products in order to make sure the security of the travelers in some public transportation places with some equipment used including the handheld metal detector, X-ray baggage scanner and many other devices. These devices have been used in the places such as the airport, subway station, railway station and lots of other public places. And here what we are introducing is the x-ray baggage scanner for airport and subway station, and the scanner is one of the safety checking devices to make sure the security condition.

The X-ray scanner, taken usage of the high technology, can be connected to the local area network to support multi-terminal inspection baggage at the same time. Moreover when the risk object has been found, the X-ray security baggage scanner can offer the alarming and light instruction so that the operator can inform that at the right moment as the alarm by sounds and we applied the light system on this advanced X-ray baggage scanner. Furthermore this X-ray scanner uses the safety ray as the transmit ray under automatic control do to avoid the missing. In addition, it is easy to operate this X-ray baggage scanner as to turn off the machine, we only need one step, and the operator just need to make the key revolved and the equipment automatic security to  be close-down, without many complex steps, and it is really simple.

What's more, its conveyor max load is 230 kg and its single inspection dosage is less than 1.5μGy. The wire resolution of the scanner is 0.101mm metal line and its steel penetration is 34MM armor plat. Furthermore, its film safety is for ISO 1600 and its maximum leakage radiation is less than 0.05μGY/H. What are their X-RAY generators? They are vertically upward orientation, tube current with 0.4~1.2MA, anode voltage with 100-160KV, 60° angle and generator cooling or working periods sealed oil bath with forced air/100%.

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